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The Offing, 2017

Up the Staircase Quarterly, 2018

Foundry, 2018

Radius Lit, 2018

New Delta Review, Matt Clark Editor's Choice Prize in Poetry, 2018

The Collapsar, 2018

Asian American Writers' Workshop: The Margins, 2019

Canthius Magazine, 2022 

Muzzle Magazine, 2022

Parentheses Journal, 2022

Pleiades Magazine, Silences of War: Erasure within Conflict Folio


Guernica Magazine, 2023

Northwest Review, 2023

Poetry Daily, 2023


Two Poems, Collection of Contemporary Kurdish female and nonbinary writers

Two Poems, West Branch Mag, Slow Violence folio

The Shallow Ends, 2019

Up North Lit, 2019

Glass: A Journal of Poetry, 2019

decomP magazine, 2019

Platypus Press: Wildness Journal, 2019

Frontier Poetry, 2019

Connecticut River Review Poetry Contest, Third Place 2019

Great River Review, 2020

The Adroit Journal, 2020

Poetry City, 2020

Ruminate Magazine, 2020

News & Videos 

BAHR Magazine, 2021

One Poem

Blue Oak Press Rising Like a Wave: An Anthology of Asian American Women Poets 2022

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